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The Well-Informed Patient Podcast

Dec 2, 2021

Who doesn't want to eat healthier and feel better? You know you need to but it is so hard to even get started. And once you decide to start, where do you even begin?

Today we speak with Dr. Sunana Sohi. Dr. Sunana Sohi is a board certified gastroenterologist. After receiving her undergraduate degree with honors at Harvard University, she completed medical school at Tufts University before moving to Chicago for residency at the University of Chicago and GI fellowship at Rush University. She now practices and raises her family in her hometown of Louisville, KY.

Dr. Sohi speaks to us about how to start a plant-based diet, making an easy transition into making better choices and why what you eat matters to your health today and for the future. 

We also learn about new colon cancer screening recommendations and why you need to get that colonoscopy sooner than you may have thought. 

This is such a great conversation that you won't want to miss. Dr. Sohi is so down to earth and relatable. You will feel so inspired by her wisdom and health advice.....and she may even talk about a recipe or two. And just what is Golden Milk???

You can find Dr. Sohi:  Dr. Sunana Sohi Instagram

Dr. Sohi's Medical Practice

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