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The Well-Informed Patient Podcast

Feb 24, 2022

Listen up all my lady friends! You will not want to miss this episode where we talk about hormones, birth control and being the CEO of you health! Today we will be learning from Danielle Kepics, PA-C. Danielle is a Danielle Kepics is a physician assistant, fertility educator, entrepreneur, former mental health therapist + personal trainer. She is also a partner, fur baby mom and outdoor, fitness + movement enthusiast.

Learn when to break up with your provider, and how to become more proactive in your health and questions you might want to ask your new doctor, PA or NP.  And how you might start looking for that provider that will take a fully integrated approach to your hormone levels and getting you the answers you deserve!

I learned so much from this episode and know you will too.

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You can find Danielle Kepics , PA-C here: