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The Well-Informed Patient Podcast

Nov 17, 2020

Tired of being out shopping and you feel a sneeze coming on and you have to cross your legs to keep from wetting your pants? Frustrated that you can’t run or jump on the trampoline with your kids? Is your shopping cart filled with pads to protect against overflow leakage? It may be a little leakage or a lot, but there is hope for you.

Getting older, going through menopause and childbirth can all lead to incontinence. Did you know 25 million Americans are affected with incontinence and the risk increases as you get older?

Listen today to learn from Dr. Melissa Chinn an OB/GYN from Washington State who will be sharing with you about urinary incontinence, the current problems patients face, the current solutions that are available and the new breakthrough Emsella Chair from BTL.

Learn how the Emsella could be right for you, where you can find one near you, how much it will cost and how it is a total game changer for women and men looking to help with urinary incontinence.

Oh and guess what? It can totally help to tighten the muscles that help to have stronger orgasms and a tighter fit…

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