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The Well-Informed Patient Podcast

Nov 2, 2020

For all of the crazy changes during COVID, there have been so many positive ones like having a doctor or provider visit from the comfort of your own home. No crazy parking garages, no navigating to one office building to find that the office has moved locations. No wondering if you are going to get sick from the others in the waiting room as now you can visit with your provider right from the comfort of your living room on your cell phone.
With Covid, there has been a huge up tick in Telemedicine and we are going to be visiting with Dr. Joseph Pazona, a premier Urologist from Nashville, TN who will be educating us on the benefits and how to’s of all things telemedicine! And how his practice, along with other specialties is answering the call to personalize care for patients.
You will learn how telemedicine can be right for you, when it is a good time to do telemedicine and when you need to see your provider in person. You will also understand the benefits of having a specialist right at your fingertips without commuting to the best one several hours away and how it can be completely affordable and faster than an in-person visit.
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